How to be a member

Becoming a MEMBER of the Tourism Knowledge Center (TKC) is quick and easy through the following steps:

  1. REGISTER online. For individual, provide your name, profession, sex, age, and email address. For Corporate or Enterprise, provide details of your company/ enterprise name, nature of business, location, and contact details of the person doing the registration.
  2. SCAN & SUBMIT significant document, information, data, or publication. Submission can be done online by clicking the appropriate dialogue box after registration. Document or information can also be submitted personally to the Rajah Travel Corporation Office.
  3. WAIT until a letter or notification is emailed.
  4. LOG-IN using the system generated password. It is recommended that the temporary password be changed immediately for privacy.

To become a member, any individual or business organization must possess the following:

  1. Interest in research;
  2. Concern for data integrity and administration, analysis and interpretation, and curiosity on new tourism phenomena;
  3. Willingness to share and contribute information or research materials; and
  4. Availability to render any volunteer work, or extend any form of donation for the research program of the TKC.

Members are categorized as follow:

  1. Individual pertains to person/s working or engage in any profession in the tourism industry or related organizations.
  2. Corporate refers to enterprise/s or organization/s in the public or private sector which is directly or indirectly servicing the tourism industry.

There is no fee associated with being a member.

Once accepted as Member, the individual or corporate organization can have unlimited access to basic online data and research materials. Member can also participate in travel talk or discussion forum to be arranged by the TKC and its partners.