What is the Tourism Knowledge Center?

The Tourism Knowledge Center is an online repository of data and information on travel and tourism.

The Tourism Knowledge Center provides information on tourism industry trends and insights, data and statistics, destination plans, publications and reports, and a gallery of photos and videos.

Any user of legal age can access the Tourism Knowledge Center Website at no cost. Users can freely view, scan, and read through the available materials. However, the download feature is available for Members only.

To be a Member of the Tourism Knowledge Center, an individual, enterprise or organization must submit any valuable, novel, and authentic piece of information, data, or material on travel and tourism. Click Here!

Any historical, innovative, and novel research work, study, plan, map, report, book or document (published or unpublished in any journal either online or through publishing house, can be submitted to the Tourism Knowledge Center for dissemination in the Website.

Access to the Tourism Knowledge Center Website is available to any online user. Members are provided passwords to enable download of materials from the Website.

Members of the Tourism Knowledge Center are able to download, secure more materials, and share information. They can also participate in joint research activities of the Cente and discussions on travel and tourism trends and developments.

A Review Committee conducts an evaluation and assessment of all materials submitted to the Center based on quality, innovation and novelty, and contribution to body of knowledge on travel and tourism before they can be published.

Any user can freely use, cite, mention, quote, and make reference to the material or part of the material in the Tourism Knowledge Center. However, users are advised to properly acknowledge the author of said material by appropriately citing the name and institution, in accordance with R.A. 8293. This is to respect the intellectual property of an individual or organization over a material shared in the Website.

Ownership of the document or material published in the Tourism Knowledge Center remains with the author or creator of said manuscript. The Center does not own, possess, or take credit of the work undertaken by individual or institution that prepared the said document. It merely acts as a repository of data and information.

The Tourism Knowledge Center Website provides relevant news articles from various sources, a list of trainings and events, and a broadcast of the Travel Talk series.

Travel Talk gathers industry leaders, public officials, researchers, academic professors, and students to discuss trends and developments, as well as issues and concerns on travel and tourism -- globally, regionally, nationally, and locally.

Any interested member of the tourism industry can participate in the Travel Talk Session. Please visit the Insights section of the Website to view the topics and dates for the Travel Talks.